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I have created a website to introduce you to my books "The Legacy  Violetta Rose" and "Sky Harbor" and to open up an opportunity for you to comment on the books, and discuss some of the teachings presented. I am also available to answer any questions, and will participate in a blog about topics regarding writing, spirituality,  movies,  TV, inspiration, and whatever you would like to discuss.


On this website, I will notify you of articles you may read regarding my writing, book signings and anything else that comes to mind. 

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In early September of 1990, a group of twenty doctors and nurses arrived in Lhasa, Tibet to aid the native doctors and midwives in addressing their high birth mortality rate.

A rumor floated through the group that a local shaman was speaking of an "auspicious birth" that was soon to take place in Lhasa. The prophecy stated that a child would be born, who would, in the future, when times grew dark, be called upon to alter the destiny of the planet.

Most of the visitors had come to share their science and were disinterested in the culture and beliefs of the Tibetans, but a few were fascinated with the prophecy. Whether they believed it or not, the events of the coming days would set in motion a wave that would have an effect well beyond their intent or imagining. 

Twenty years later:

A young girl from Arizona, who believes she is of Hopi origin, arrives in New York City to attend college at NYU. There she discovers her true identity as a Tibetan woman, destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy. As she is pursued by beings of light and darkness - and areas in between - her challenge is to find her source of wisdom and to learn the true nature of love and power.

The Legacy of Violetta Rose


When Alicia Morgenstern, a retired New York psychologist, wins an abandoned lake house in an Alzheimer's raffle, she has no idea where a simple trip through the Lincoln Tunnel to New Jersey will lead her. From the moment she takes a sip from the mysterious steaming cup of espresso she finds on the kitchen table, and meets Violetta Rose (the former occupant of the house), her concepts of reality begin to shift dramatically. Violetta, as a spiritual guide, takes Ali on daily journeys to locations and situations which are recognizable to every reader. In each human situation Ali is taught to shift her perception from her conditioned emotional and intellectual observations to the view from a higher dimension, or what Violetta calls "seeing through God's eyes." During a period of three weeks, not only does Ali learn to appreciate the "human condition," but she discovers who she really is and gains insight into the true nature of existence

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Review of "Legacy" in City Sun Times (Aug.) by Melanie Tighe

What if you won a prize you didn't want? This was the prompt that sparked Arzani Burman to write The Legacy of Violetta Rose. From this simple premise, Burman weaves a magical story that takes the reader on an unforgettable journey into new realities that science is just beginning to understand.

 Ali, a retired psychologist, meets Violetta Rose who guides her to familiar places and teachers her to see them anew through God's eyes. In the spirit of The Shack, Burman uses a fictional story to unfold deeper truths of our world and the worlds beyond.

 Arzani Burman, a self-professed hippie, holds a masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and has been a lifetime student of comparative religions. She brings a promising and thought provoking view to our search for meaning in our lives. Many authors dream of writing a book that will change someone's life. The Legacy of Violetta Rose may be a book to meet that challenge.

Melanie Tighe is the owner of Dog-Eared Pages Used Books at 16428 North 32nd Street in Phoenix, and a lifelong lover of books. Visit her ast or on Twitter@dog_eared pages.


Arzani Burman holds a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling from JFK University in Orinda, California. She has been a Sufi for over forty years, and  has taught art, dance, childbirth, Qi Gong, Dances of Universal Peace and Spiritual Healing.  She is a breast cancer survivor. She lives with her husband Doug and her Wheaten Terrier, Layla, and is pleased to announce the publication, on, of her second novel, "Sky Harbor."

Announcing Leon Goodman's Book "Cargo From Messina"

My Dad, Leon Goodman (who passed away last November) and I have self-published a book of short stories which he wrote in the late 1930's and early '40s. The earlier stories, "Cargo From Messina" and "Verboten" both took first prize in the N.Y.U. Fiction Workshops. In his story "Verboten," Goodman set his fiction against the background of the rising Anti-Semitism in Germany. When he sent his manuscript to Esquire Magazine for consideration in 1938, the editor responded that he felt the story was a fine story, but because of the present relationship with Germany he couldn't publish it at that time. I think it's time now for people to read these wonderful stories.

The book is now available on Learn more about it by clicking on the link below.

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